I am currently a student studying 3-D craft at Plymouth College of Art and design. I am specialising in hot glass (glass blowing).
I was looking for a way to change my life from the day-to-day grind of being a builder and as I have always loved creating and making things I decided to go down the route of art college. I applied for a 3D design craft course at Plymouth College of Art. After being accepted I started to look at the categories on offer to me and amongst them was glass so after some more research into glass and especially glassblowing I decided that this was the cause for me. I have been a builder for many years working with all manner of materials including timber, metals, plastic and concrete and all the other building materials that you can think of. I decided it was time for a change time to challenge myself with something new and as I had never worked with glass especially hot glass this was definitely the choice for me, over ceramics or jewellery. Now I’m in my second year as a glassblowing student and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else I feel a sense of achievement with each glass piece I create it is unique and so fulfilling I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of changing their life.IMG_20180315_185110